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About vr-immo.plus

There are many property search engines. But what about their respectability, being up-to-date and clarity? vr-immo.plus is different.

vr-immo.plus is the central property portal of the VR Bank HessenLand eG. On vr-immo.plus, you will find the current properties on offer from the VR Bank HessenLand eG, clearly sorted and informatively edited: all important facts about our properties on offer, rented flats, houses and real estate which are currently for sale.

Find properties on vr-immo.plus: be at home quicker. Guaranteed.

The direct connection with the VR Bank HessenLand eG secures all the advantages for you: if you should find your dream object, we guide you as partners. House-buyers in particular have all the advantages: the property experts of the VR Bank HessenLand eG give you advice and transparency if you wish on questions of financing, organise building assessments, and provide many more services.

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